Fighting my own demons

Guys, apologies for the delayed post and that I have been quiet for a couple of days. I have just been fighting my own demons and therefor haven’t given my blog much attention lately.

All I can say is I woke up this morning, with this empty feeling. Like a hollow numb feeling and don’t give a damn attitude. I don’t feel happy, sad or angry. I just woke up like WTF? I don’t give a damn anymore, i just feel like what ever else must be thrown at me, must just been thrown and me, so I can just get over it.

Hearing a close friend of mine has now got the big C, just makes me even more despise everything that this year has done.

Is anyone having a good 2019?

Because I just don’t feel like this is my year, and that’s probably why I just don’t give a damn anymore.

I feel numb and that’s probably my bodies way of shutting everything out, so that I can self heal – well that’s what my psychologist thinks at least.

Well as everyone keeps reminding me, I just need to learn to take each day at it’s own pace.

Just wish I was out of this space and place already.

2 thoughts on “Fighting my own demons

  1. You’ve got to choose to let the bad thoughts fly out of your garden if I have a thought that I know probably shouldn’t be there I see it as a butterfly and send it off into some other garden to become a caterpillar. No caterpillars in my garden to destroy the leaves. I know I sound like a weird fairy but I am so hug yourself and send those butterflies off into the sunset😬🤯😳

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    1. Wow Patty, love the analogy – you’re a super star, going to try shift my thinking to that! Love ya


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