Common Misconceptions about Schizophrenia

So firstly the movies and tv shows have seriously misconceptualized schizophrenia disorder. It is nothing like the movie "SPLIT" portrays, in fact what the movie portrays is the furthest from the truth, yet so many people assume that split personalities are the definition of schizophrenia. If we are to look at the word "Schizo", it … Continue reading Common Misconceptions about Schizophrenia

The Pygmalion Effect

So I read an interesting fact in one of my text books today and it got me thinking. So the Pygmalion effect, is an effect recognized by a German poet, Goethe, almost 200 years ago, when he said: 'if you want someone to perform better, tell him how good he is. If you want someone … Continue reading The Pygmalion Effect

Last Leg of the Holiday – Houston, Texas

So after the hype of the wedding yesterday of Michael and Maddie Johnson; today we had to head out from our stunning Barn house in Grand Rapids back to Chicago airport to catch a flight through to Houston, Texas - to join up with the family again. During the rush of the morning, packing the … Continue reading Last Leg of the Holiday – Houston, Texas