Things Keep Getting Better

So today is a quick and short blog. One thing I keep getting reminded about is, take it day by day and things will get better with time. I found this amazing song by Betty Who, who sings a song about how things keep getting better.

Some of you might know it as the theme song to Queer Eye on Netflix (and yes you are correct), but this little quick song has almost become my mantra in the mornings. When I get in my car to start the day, I will pump up the volume and just soak in the words. I have a few of these songs, which I will share through out my blog. But today’s one is a special one.

Last night I saw one of my closest friends, who is fighting his own demons. He knows who he is, and I need him to know he means the world to me and a whole bunch of people. He needs to fight through this, he will come out stronger because I know he has it in him.

So this blog and song is dedicated to you my friend, because THINGS WILL KEEP GETTING BETTER.

Love you to the moon and back.


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