Another Song, I blast to make me feel good.

So I mentioned in a previous blog, that I have a bunch of various songs, that I often pump-up the volume, in my car, or on my earphones.

This song helped me so much, and it actually was released, while I was still in the psychiatric hospital. I played this song literally every night, before crying myself to sleep. Not because it was a sad song, but because I was learning that no matter how bad, disgusting, painful or helpless I felt about myself inside, I was still beautiful and worth life.

It really struck home for me back then, and if I ever was to meet Kelly Clarkson, I would just give her a hug and say Thank You – I wouldn’t need to say more because she doesn’t need to know where my mind was back then, she just needs to know that I am grateful for this song.

I still play this song today, when I feel down, to remind myself that no matter what – if I feel broken inside, I am still beautiful, I am still worth life, I am still valuable, I am still loved and I deserve happiness….so yeah I am beautiful in my own special way.

Let’s face facts, we are our own worst enemy. We judge ourselves the worst, we try comparing ourselves to other people – we cause our own self destruction because we continuously chip pieces away from our self dignity. We are so harsh on ourselves that, we also build up walls around us and land up pushing people away – people we care about.

Just remember you are beautiful!

3 thoughts on “Another Song, I blast to make me feel good.

    1. Like that saying Bruce – hope you don’t mind if I use it one of my posts sometime cause it’s so true.


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