Does a psychological disorder affect your life policy?

So I have been wondering, as today my father updated our company life policy for key individuals in the company (me being one of them).

What affect has my previous nervous breakdown and diagnosis of Bipolar Mood disorder done to the update of my life and disability cover.

So I naturally did some research and some digging. Now there are a bunch of medical conditions that do affect your chances of life cover, however you are still able to obtain these policies dependent on your circumstances and subject to the underwriter of the policy.

So our insurance guy didn’t know about what had happened to me in May 2019, so he had to ask me a whole bunch more questions in order to see if they could move my life policy, to another company with a potential saving of R30 000 per annum. The questions involved how I currently have been feeling, am I still depressive, am I on medication and how has it helped extra.

As I explained to the insurance guy, I am still the same old Liam, just a better version because I have undergone programs and am still following a program to ensure I remain this better version of myself. I also explained that the medication has made a major difference in my life.

Overall he was happy but did state because of the circumstances of how I was admitted originally, they will need to request my medical report and diagnosis from the doctors in order to try and justify, the potential move.

So this got me thinking…..we are all human and we all at some stage in our life will go through sever stress and depression and make one stupid mistake; my question is should we be punished the rest of our life for this by having a special clause added to our life policy.

I understand that insurance companies need to protect themselves, but we are dealing with human beings here, people with feelings and emotions, and sometimes we lose control of our feelings.

My question is, if we are able to prove that we are doing better, that we are committed to our medication and program for an amount of time, then should we still be punished with a special clause in our life and disability policy?

What is your guys thoughts on this? Let me know, I would love to hear back from you guys.

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